A Humane Coffee

Chiapas (Mexico) :
The Café Liégeois teams are continuously working with the NPO Terres Solidaires. For every Chiapas product sold, Café Liégeois engages themselves to give 0,10€ (0,14$) to the association. Terres Solidaires’ goal is to favour and accelerate the development process of coffee plantations and vegetable crops with the producers of Chiapas (South of Mexico)

The Café Liégeois Bolivian coffee mainly comes from the Yungas. We support the FECAFEB and their desire to help increase substantially the volume of pre-financing of the 80 000 Bolivian coffee businesses. The ultimate goal is to help them in their production, as well as the improvement of quality, but also with respect to Fairtrade contracts.

On site, Café Liégeois supports the NPO Comequi and the nursery of Nyamgoma in Kivu. The NPO decided to launch a nursery in which seedlings from the best coffee varieties could properly be stored. Over 400 000 coffee plants have been distributed to 425 small growers in Kivu, from whom Café Liégeois purchases coffee.


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